Double Knit UTX

Double Knit – UTX


This high speed circular knitting machine is bound to give you a boost in your production rate. For easier and effective fabric elasticity control in rib production, our single key adjustment function shall save you time in getting your precise specification right and ready.



Series Model Fabric Type  Feeders/Inch  Available
UTX 1.8RB RIB 1.8 14G-20G
28" - 36"
3.2 16G-32G
28" - 36"
UTX 2DE 8-LOCK 2.0 14G-32G
28" - 36"

Standard Accessories Model
Power Supply
380V AC 20A 3-Phase 50Hz
Motor Siemens Induction Motor with capable to have lower wear resistance on motor parts with 3 phase AC power to ensure stable drive. 
Inverter Yaskawa Variable Speed Inverter with high starting torque coupled with soft start and soft stop built in function to prevent any damage to electrical components.
Control System Micro-Controller with LED display that have the functions of 3-shift counter, total revolution counter, 8 stop motions, fabric roll size preset by revolution, auto-parking and 4 maintenance switches
Creel Unitex side tube creels with 9 ends tried, tested and trusted to be structurally robust and stable.
Storage Feeder Memminger Positive Feeder (MPF) 24V with toothed belt on 2 mounting steel rings
Lubricator Unitex projectile mist lubricator tried, tested and trusted to be able to deliver proper lubrication for the machine.
Top Fan Unitex top lint fan tried, tested and trusted to ensure lint are effectively blown away to prevent any quality issue on the fabric.
Flutter Blower Flutter blower to ensure lint around the knitting area are properly and effectively blown away to prevent any quality issue on the fabric.
Take Up System Mechanical rolling take-up with multi-tension control to ensure your fabric production is well test
Electrical Wiring Conform to international ISO standard. Wires are number-coded and color-coded.
Needles Groz-Beckert Needles

*Machines are available for clockwise and anti-clockwise operations. Folding-cum-rolling. Open width and jumbo takeup systems are available upon request. Specifications subject to change without notice.